Capacity building in Smart and Innovative eNERGY management

Book / Book Chapters

  • V. Janev et. al (Editors): Proc. of the International SINERGY Conference on Smart and Innovative eNERGY management. Institute Mihajlo Pupin, 2024. ISBN 978-86-82183-24-2. See: Book of Abstracts.
  • Marko Jelić, Dea Pujić, Nikola Tomašević, Paulo Lissa, Dayanne Peretti Correa, Marcus Keane:
    Case study of Aran Islands: Optimal DR control of heat pumps and appliances. In H. Alhelou, A. Moreno-Muñoz, P. Siano (Eds.) Industrial Demand Response: Methods, Best practices, Case Studies, and Applications), ISBN: 9781839535611.
    DOI: 10.1049/PBPO215E_ch16 (IMP, NUIG) 


Journal papers


Conference papers

2023 (Conference Proceedings)

  • Valentina Janev, Lazar Berbakov, Marko Jelic, Dea Jelic, Nikola Tomasevic, Technologies and Concepts for the Next-generation Integrated Energy Services. In: Jain, S., Mihindukulasooriya, N., Janev, V., Shimizu, C. (Eds.) ISIC 2023, Springer LNEE (IMP)
  • Dea Pujić, Valentina Janev, Framework for optimizing neural network hyper parameters for accurate wind production forecasting. In: Zdravković, M., Trajanović, M., Konjović, Z. (Eds.) ICIST 2023 Proceedings, Springer, 2023. (IMP)
    Download (D. Pujić)
  • Marko Jelic, Marko Batic, Demand-side optimization of hybrid energy systems with heat pumps. In: Zdravković, M., Trajanović, M., Konjović, Z. (Eds.) ICIST 2023 Proceedings, Springer, 2023. (IMP)
    Download (M.Jelić)
  • Andjela Markovic, Marko Batic, Katarina Stankovic, Hybrid Approach in Thermal Demand Forecasting of a Building. In: Zdravković, M., Trajanović, M., Konjović, Z. (Eds.) ICIST 2023 Proceedings, Springer, 2023.  (IMP)
    Download (M. Batić)
  • Lazar Berbakov, Valentina Janev, Marko Jelic, Nikola Tomasevic (2024). Platform for Efficient Building Operation and Demand Response Flexibility Provision. In: Trajanovic, M., Filipovic, N., Zdravkovic, M. (eds) Disruptive Information Technologies for a Smart Society. ICIST 2023. Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, vol 872. Springer, Cham. (IMP)
  • Jovica Perevski, Urban Rudež, Real-time identification of oscillatory characteristics of power systems, CIGRE, 16th Conference of Slovenian Electrical Power Engineers, 2023. (AIT)
  • Čampa, A., Hudomalj, M., Sodin, D., Gale, T., Janev; Lazar Berbakov; Marko Batić, M. (2023) Advanced Analztics at the Edge, Proc. Of the 30th International Conference on Systems, Signals and Image Processing (IWSSIP), DOI: 10.1109/iwssip58668.2023.10180252  (IMP)
  • V. Timčenko, S. B. Rakas, M. Kabović and A. Kabović, "Digitalization in Power Energy Sector: Principles of Cybersecurity," 2023 30th International Conference on Systems, Signals and Image Processing (IWSSIP), Ohrid, North Macedonia, 2023, pp. 1-5, doi: 10.1109/IWSSIP58668.2023.10180280.  (IMP)

2023 (SINERGY Conference - unpublished)

  • Anđela Marković, Valentina Janev, Nikola Tomašević and Marko Batić Approach to Energy System Modelling for Supporting Decarbonization Scenarios in Energy Communities. (IMP)
  • Igor Jovanović, Marko Jelić and Nikola Tomašević Multi Objective Energy Management System and Sizing Optimization with Load Shifting. (IMP)
  • Miloš Nenadović Leveraging APIs and Knowledge Graphs for Efficient Data Access and Interoperability in the Energy Domain. (IMP)
  • Lazar Berbakov, Valentina Janev, Marko Jelić, Dea Pujić and Nikola Tomašević, Towards a SGAM-Compliant Platform for NextGeneration Integrated Energy Services. (IMP)
  • Valentina Timčenko and Slavica Boštjančič Rakas Cyber Security Issues of Cloud-based Dynamic Line Rating. (IMP)
  • Željko V. Despotović, Ilija R. Stevanović, Jovan Šumarac and Aleksandar Rodic Hybrid and Uninterruptible Power for Irrigation on Agriculture Smart Land. (IMP)
  • Marija Radmilović, Uroš Ilić, Željko Despotović, Jelena Kljajić, Jovan Šumarac, Aleksandar Pavlović, Predrag Đešnić Sustainable and Automated Production Process of Seedlings Using Robotic Systems. (IMP)
  • Florian Strebl and Bharath-Varsh Rao, Impact of large-scale Deployment of Energy Communities on Distribution Grids. (AIT)
  • Thi Kim Bich Pham, Bharath Varsh Rao and Wilhelm Süßenbacher Peer-to-peer Energy Market Incentivizing Energy Efficiency for Local Energy Communities in Austria. (AIT)
  • Dayanne Peretti Correa, Luis Miguel Blanes Restoy, Paulo Lissa and Marcus Keane, Clustering Analysis to Support Demand Response Programs. (NUIG)
  • Luis Miguel Blanes Restoy, Dayanne Peretti Correa and Marcus M. Keane Simulation-based Commissioning of Control Loops for Heat Pump Integration and High Temperature Systems. (NUIG)
  • Mariya Chukkiriyan Joy and Marcus Keane Energy Flexibility Assessment for Buildings in Ireland. (NUIG)
  • Gavin Larkin, Luis Miguel Blanes Restoy and Marcus M. Keane Simulation-based Evaluation of Air-source Heat Pump Retrofit to Phase-out Condensing Gas Boilers. Case Study of Campus Building In Ireland. (NUIG)

2022 (Conference Proceedings)

  • Dayanne Peretti Correa, Marko Jelic, Dea Pujic, Shima Yousefi, Marcus Keane, Nikola Tomasevic: Autonomous Demand Response Control using Heat Pumps in Residential and Commercial Buildings, 2022 30th Telecommunications Forum (TELFOR), 2022, pp. 1-4, DOI: 10.1109/TELFOR56187.2022.9983741. (IMP, NUIG) 
  • Dušan Popadić, Enrique Iglesias, Ahmad Sakor, Valentina Janev, Maria-Esther Vidal:
    Towards a Solution for an Energy Knowledge Graph, ISIC 2022 (Best Paper Award), Springer Nature. ISBN 978-981-19-7125-9 (IMP)
  • Dea Pujić, Marko Jelić, Marko Batić, Nikola Tomašević, Application of Reinforcement Learning for Control of Heat Pump Systems. In: Zdravković, M., Trajanović, M., Konjović, Z. (Eds.) ICIST 2022 Proceedings, 2022. (IMP)

2021 (Conference Proceedings)

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