Capacity building in Smart and Innovative eNERGY management

As part of its Communication strategy, SINERGY aims to outreach the following Stakeholder Groups:

  • Energy Service Companies (ESCOs): ESCOs are mainly interested in methodologies and solutions to better manage energy consumption and associated contracts. SINERGY will tackle demand reductions (i.e. flattening the load profile), owing to the better energy management of their customers, and lower costs of customer efficiency programs.
  • Technology providers of smart home devices, home automation systems, Energy Management Systems (EMS), etc. SINERGY will extend the functionalities of their products or allow the effective integration of their products under the holistic energy management platform.
  • Energy Utilities & DSOs: Energy utilities and distribution system operators could represent one of the
    channels for commercialization of the SINERGY results. In this regard, the provision of support to the integration of distributed generation elements and other smart grid concepts is valuable to enable efficient operation of gird and RES penetration.
  • Governments / Policy Makers: The results coming from SINERGY can have a great impact on energy consumption and emissions reduction. Particularly, regional and EU governments and policymakers will have a great deal of interest in maximizing the penetration of the SINERGY results to achieve the highly ambitious EU2020 and even 2050 goals for energy consumption and emissions reduction. (see Strategija razvoja energetike Republike Srbije do 2025. godine sa projekcijama do 2030. godine)
  • Municipalities: As customers, municipalities and social housing associations own a large amounts of buildings of different sizes and purposes and, as public entities, they are particularly keen to minimize the normally scarce resources they have to allocate and make economic savings in return. As policymakers, they are entitled to create and use different regulations within their jurisdiction that will improve energy efficiency.
  • Architects & civil engineers: District/building infrastructural architects could be interested in SINERGY results and services to improve building efficiency characteristics in the building planning/design phase.

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