Capacity building in Smart and Innovative eNERGY management

Book of Abstracts from the Conference is available at this location.

  • Željko V. Despotović, Ilija R. Stevanović, Jovan Šumarac and Aleksandar Rodic    
    Hybrid and Uninterruptible Power for Irrigation on Agriculture Smart Land

  • Jovana Gluščević, Žarko Janda and Jasna Dragosavac    
    Comparison of the response of grid forming and grid following inverters connected to a real grid

  • Dayanne Peretti Correa, Luis Miguel Blanes Restoy, Paulo Lissa and Marcus Keane    
    Clustering analysis to support demand response programs

  • Patxi Hernandez, Nekane Hermoso and Valentina Janev    
    Towards Positive Energy Districts: Data requirements and use of tools for the development of energy transition scenarios

  • Luka Ivanović, Djordje Stojić, Slavko Veinović, Dušan Joksimović and Jasna Dragosavac    
    Increasing the voltage regulation stability of the grid-connected sources

  • Florian Strebl and Bharath-Varsh Rao    
    Impact of large-scale Deployment of Energy Communities on Distribution Grids

  • Mariya Chukkiriyan Joy and Marcus Keane    
    Energy flexibility assessment for buildings in Ireland

  • Anđela Marković, Valentina Janev, Nikola Tomašević and Marko Batić    
    Approach to Energy System Modelling for Supporting Decarbonization Scenarios in Energy Communities

  • Gavin Larkin, Luis Miguel Blanes Restoy and Marcus M. Keane    
    Simulation-based evaluation of air-source heat pump retrofit to phase-out condensing gas boilers. Case study of campus building in Ireland

  • Enrique Iglesias, Ahmad Sakor, Philipp D. Rohde, Maria-Esther Vidal and Valentina Janev    
    KatanaG: Fragmenting Data Strategies to Enhance Knowledge Graph Creation from Large Datasets

  • Miloš Nenadović    
    APIs on top of Knowledge Graphs

  • Luis Miguel Blanes Restoy, Dayanne Peretti Correa and Marcus M. Keane    
    Simulation-based commissioning of control loops for heat pump integration and high temperature systems

  • Óscar Cabrera Redondo and Mónica Aragüés Peñalba    
    Medium-term electrical demand forecasting of residential activity

  • Mojgan Sami and Francisco Sierra    
    The Evolution of Heat Transfer Coefficient (HTC) Calculation Methods: A Critical Analysis

  • Zhuoqun Sun, Francisco Sierra and Colin Booth    
    Real-time occupancy estimation using carbon dioxide concentration in Higher Education Institutions buildings

  • Igor Jovanovic, Marko Jelic and Nikola Tomasevic    
    Multi Objective Energy Management System and Sizing Optimization with Load Shifting

  • Spiros Chadoulos, Sotirios Athanasoulias, Stelios Kalogridis, Nikolaos Ipiotis, Odyssefs Diamantopoulos Pantaleon, Iordanis Koutsopoulos and George C. Polyzos    Energy optimization of building IoT infrastructures in a stratified way

  • Valentina Timčenko and Slavica Boštjančič Rakas    
    Cyber Security Issues of Cloud-based Dynamic Line Rating

  • Branislav Dobrosavljević    
    How to ensure cyber security deep in your supply chain 

  • Marija Radmilovic, Zeljko Despotovic, Jovan Šumarac, Jelena Kljajic and Uroš Ilic    
    Sustainable and automated production process of seedlings using robotic systems

  • Shimita Rudra    
    Local flexibility management DRB

  • Thi Kim Bich Pham, Bharath Varsh Rao and Wilhelm Süßenbacher    
    Peer-to-peer Energy Market incentivizing Energy Efficiency for Local Energy Communities in Austria

  • Lazar Berbakov, Valentina Janev, Marko Jelić, Nikola Tomašević
    ICT platform for efficient building operation and DR flexibility provision


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