Capacity building in Smart and Innovative eNERGY management

Laboratory facilities within AIT pilot

SmartEST Laboratory

The AIT SmartEST Laboratory is a 1 MVA lab for SmartGrid test and validation purposes. Within Sinergy the facility is used for Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) training purposes as well as inverter tests. More specifically, the training sessions for grid connected inverters and battery storage tests lever on this infrastructure. The access is open for IMP personal supervised by laboratory experts from AIT. 

Within the SmartEST infrastructure a part is dedicated to power electronics development and design studies as well as microgrid studies. The microgrid involves several AIT Smart Grid Converters in flexible configuration. The studies can be performed either on site with guidance from AIT experts or via virtual access using the AIT microgrid controller GUI.


High Current Laboratory

The high current laboratory is designed for short circuit tests and medium voltage tests up to 120 MVA. This includes also direct current (DC) applications for future DC and hybrid AC/DC grids. Hence, trainings for new medium voltage (MV) grids lever on experiences acquired with this laboratory. The access is open to IMP personal supervised by laboratory experts from AIT.