Capacity building in Smart and Innovative eNERGY management

On 14th of December 2023, in the Technology Transfer Office of the Institute Mihajlo Pupin (IMP), the AIT Team (Mr. Zoran Miletić, Mr. Roland Bründlinger and Mrs. Anja Banjac) conducted a training for the IMP staff. Guest at the event were researchers from the Institute Nikola Tesla, School of Electrical Engineering of the University of Belgrade and Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad. 

The lectures related to the Integration of DER in Smart Grids  were divided as follows:

  • Grid Forming Converters: Developments of European Network Codes and Standards (Mr. Roland Bründlinger)
  • Grid Forming Converters:  European standardization activities within CENELEC TC8XWG03 (Mr. Roland Bründlinger)